Sarah Francis

July 2015

Our featured artist for July is Sarah Francis. Sarah uses various techniques including papermaking, drawing, and encaustic art to create abstract sculptures. Visit her website at


Sarah is inspired by the delicate patterns and textures that are often overlooked in the world. She creates layers of maps and textures that serve to tell a story of a place or an experience that she has lived.

There is great beauty among many things on this Earth. The grandeur of landscapes or creations is often recognized, but what I think goes unrecognized is the tiny and intricate detail of the world around us. Beauty can be found in many things, and I think that the hustle and bustle of daily life often draws away from us recognizing and seeing the beauty in nature.


Ramify, Volume 3, Issue I, Spring 2012


Sarah Francis has both her MFA and MA in Art with a concentration in Printmaking from the University of Dallas. She also has her BA in Art with a concentration in Printmaking from Trinity University. She now works as an art teacher at Ursuline Academy where she gets to share her love and passion for art (especially sculpture and papermaking) with the students.