Lydia Abigail Williams

October 2015

Our featured artist for October is Lydia Abigail Williams. Lydia uses a photorealism technique for some of her paintings. Her sketches are monochromatic while her abstracts are vibrant and colorful. Visit her website at


Lydia Abigail Williams is inspired by creativity and is driven by her purpose of revealing hidden truths, that everyone truly is an artist. She is also heavily inspired by nature and biology.

I firmly believe that everyone is a creative. Everyone is an artist. When you look at the sky and admire it’s beauty, you are thinking as an artist. When you draw in the sand or arrange a bouquet, you are working as an artist. And when you take a breath each morning, you are living as an artist...




Lydia Abigail has been heavily involved in the art industry for nearly 6 years. She participated in three art shows with the North East Art Association between the years 2012 and 2014. She also displayed her work at local art shows with fellow artists in 2012. In May, Lydia displayed her latest collection of work at The Missions Place in Grapevine and in July thru August her ink series is displayed in Roots Coffee. Not only does Lydia show her work locally, but she also has completed live art drawings for coffee shop events. She has completed multiple commission jobs within the last year which include work with pencil, charcoal, pen, and chalk. Lydia has been trained in oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, woodwork, and clay. She is currently involved in multiple artist organizations such as the Art House Dallas which give her inspiration and encouragement.