Elizabeth kalmes

November 2015

Our featured artist for November 2015 is Elizabeth Kalmes. Elizabeth uses various spray paints for her work to create dreamy nebulous and universe scenes. Elizabeth does not practice traditional art techniques but likes to explore beyond the boundaries of the unknown, while still efficiently creating art. To contact her about more of her work, email liz.kalmes@yahoo.com.


Elizabeth Kalmes is primarily inspired by space, nature and God.

Art can be anything, from abstract to still life. You just have to make it and call it art. In my case, art is a burst of colors and light.



Elizabeth Kalmes is currently in High School at Plano East High School. Elizabeth has taken art classes every year since 8th grade including: Intro to Art, 2D Art Drawing, and 3D Art Sculpture. She intends to major in Visual Arts in college.