Kathy Sherman

December 2015

Our featured artist for December is Kathy Sherman. Kathy works with all size and types of canvases (including wood), a variety of major mediums, vivid colors, and a variation of light to heavy body oils and acrylics.


Kathy is inspired by The Bible, The Christian Faith, personal prayer, the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

At times I’ve painted religiously inspired images of Jesus solely with my hands- as if I was somehow discovering him as I witnessed His coming forth through my touch, while marveling at God the Father’s act of shaping us into existence.



Kathy Sherman is a self-taught artist, Catholic Missionary of 11 years (having served in Asia- Manila, Philippines most recently from 2013-2015, and Europe- Ireland, from 2008-2011, as well as in the North and East of the USA, helping bring youth to know the Bible and share the Christian Faith.  She is currently at Theology Teacher for High School girls at Ursuline Academy of Dallas.