Branden Yackevicz

September 2015

Our featured artist for September 2015 is Branden Yackevicz. Brandon is a digital photographer and editor and focuses mainly on portraits, architecture, and lifestyles. Visit his website at for more examples of his work.

Branden has studied digital video and cinema production at Northwest Vista Community College and has been taking photos/video, professionally, for over 4 years. He currently is a computer technician for Apple.

Life moves so quickly.
Special moments pass by in the blink of an eye.
For me, photography has always been a way to captures and share those fleeting moments. 
Give me a camera and I become acutely aware of what is around me. Time becomes irrelevant.
My world becomes one of angles, light, movement, patterns, colors and textures. 
There is something magical about capturing the details and emotions that are being felt in a specific place and time. I will often enter into the process of a photo shoot with very little conceived plans or actions. I like to let the moment guide me and trust in my instincts to notice the small obscure details.